19 August 2014

From Basic to Urban Chic

 Hy loves! Tonight I will tell you a bit how to change the air of a casual outfit. As you can see I`m wearing basics: white top and short jeans. Because the weather allowed me, being a bit moody lately, I decided to add this beautiful floral jacket that is in my wardrobe for a while now. It arrived in the middle of the summer and the +35 degrees didn`t encourage me to wear it at all, but I admired it all this time :D

After adding some color and some prints, I also decided to pick this time a pair of high heels. Not some simple one, but my one and only green pair with a gorgeous bow.
I mean, in the end is not that type of outfit that you wear when you go to the grocery. And I think this is debatable too, I would go like this, but I think you all understood the point I`m trying to make here :D

I hope you like it and also I`m telling you that a new set of gorgeous outfits are just waiting to be shown :D
So stay tunned

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Jacket: Here
White top: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Bag: Dasha
Shoes: Here
Watch: Guess
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

18 August 2014

Beautiful August

Buna dragilor! Astazi o sa va vorbesc putin despre Shopping-ul online si despre ultima descoperire in materie de siteuri. In principiu stiti si voi care sunt site-urile mele preferate, majoritatea nu sunt din Ro si de pe care comand regulat, nu mai este nevoie de alte "bla, bla-uri" plictisitoare.
Insa de curand, am descoperit am descoperit un site, ce este drept, destul de micut momentan, insa produsele pe care le gasiti sunt absolut superbe si extrem de ieftine. Si cand spun ieftin ca sa nu credeti ca exagerez, ma refer la preturi pana in 50 lei?!?!?!?!?! Bine ca sa fiu si corecta, sunt foarte multe reduceri...dar mai conteaza?

Eu am ales sa imi comand aceasta rochie rosie, fiindca stiti deja de pasiunea mea pentru aceaasta culoare, insa o puteti gasi in mai multe variante la fel de dragute: pe crem, negru, floral si de asemenea pe black and white dots ♥ si fiindca nu m-am putut abtine, am optat si pentru o salopeta, pe care cred ca o sa o vedeti mai spre toamna :D

Daca v-am starit curiozitatea, vreau sa stiu si care sunt parerile voastre!!
Sper ca v-am oferit un bun hint :D

Kisses,Manuella ♥

Tinuta este compusa din:
Rochie: HiFashion
Geanta: Dasha
Sandale: Don`t judge dar am uitat denumirea site-ului :D

15 August 2014

New stuffs for you ♥

 Astazi am decis sa va prezint o parte din noile lucruri pe care le-am realizat de curand. Dar inainte vreau sa va multumesc pentru sustinerea oferita in prima faza a momentului meu de "creatie" :)) Sincer sa va spun, m-ati surprins si asta m-a indemnat sa continui cu aceasta pasiune si sa incerc sa va ofer mai mult asa cum si de altfel banuiesc ca va asteptati si doreati sa vedeti.
Vara aceasta, va pot spune ca a fost mai mult despre scoala, examene, invatat, lucrat, cusut, descusut, documentat si mai putin despre vacanta, mult timp liber, soare si plaja ( o sa va surprind probabil, mai ales pe cei care ma stiu dar ieri a fost prima si singura zi din aceasta vara in care am reusit sa merg la piscina pt un "wanna be" bronz si pentru putin inot). 
Dar stiti momentele acelea cand desi esti exrem de obosit ai un zambet larg pe buze? Ei bine asa sunt eu acum si asta deoarece atunci cand faci ce iti place si esti motivat, sincer nimic nu mai conteaza ♥

Si acum cred ca ar trebui sa vorbesc putin si despre ce o sa vedeti in aceasta postare :D Sunt asa cum v-am spus de fiecare data piese vestimentare care au o linie simpla insa sunt in acelasi timp extrem de versatile. Pot fi realizate pe diferite masuri si de asemenea culori, insa mai multe detalii gasiti AICI.

Spre exemplu in prima poza cardiganul este piesa de rezistenta. Acesta poate fi asortat atat cu o fusta cum vedeti in cazul meu pentru o seara racoroasa de vara si daca vi se pare prea mult, puteti opta si pentru un maieu pentru a nu avea un decolteu atat de adanc. Pastrand cardiganul, putei schimba fusta cu o pereche scurta sau lunga de blugi si o pereche de tocuri sau bocanci,o pereche de wide leg pants pot fi de asemenea o buna optiune si lista poate continua, doar imaginatia conteaza ♥

14 August 2014

Modern greek goddess

Hi loves ♥ I have so manu new items to show you and I can barely find some time to post them here. But today I want to show you my super dress. I just love it and I had the opportunity to wear it yesterday at a small event for the Inglot make-up company when they lounched some new gorgeous products but this is another story.
The feeling I had by wearing this dress was amazing: somewhere between a greek goddess and a modern young lady ♥
Of course and maybe you figured it out already that it is from one of my favorite sites and you`ll have a direct link to it at the end of the text.
What do you think about it?

Have a wonderful nigh
Kisses, Manuella ♥
 I was wearing: Dress: Here, Sandals: Zara, Clutch: Carpisa

12 August 2014

Summer Time

Good evening loves! After a short break  here on blog, I came back with a new outfit post. This one is special because I worked on the lasts days trying to create again something new, fresh and fashionable for you. 
So, beside the fact that I completely adore the entire outfit because it is comfy and I see myself somewhere, at a lake fancy party when I look at this pictures, I have to say that the newcomer is this pair of wide leg pants. Their silky fabric combined with the fact that are not skinny makes them the most perfect pair of pants and even more because they covor my entire feet ( I have a real problem with this ). Because of my high heels addiction, of course this pair of pants is not suitable for flats, but I`m thinking of another one, maybe another color haha, what do you say?

So I will leave you now because there are some other pictures that are just waiting for me with other new items and I have to prepare them too for tomorrow.

I hope you like it and can`t wait to hear your impressions
Have a wonderful night
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: Blouse: Here
Wide Leg Pants: My own design( you can also order them ♥),
Bag: Dasha,
Heels: Zara

7 August 2014

Dreaming of heels even when I`m not wearing ones

If you have read my previous post you may have noticed that the fluid and comfy orange dress, was so cool that I felt naked. It is awesome in these summer days to wear something that gives you a fresh look and in which you don`t feel like the temperature in higher that it really is.
Well, this time I decided to pick another comfy dress, pink one, but believe me, the fictive naked part of the first dress became reality :)). It`s length is perfect on the front and on the back, but on its sides is extremely short and I didn`t notice until I went out and the first wind offered a great view on the streets. 
And you should have see me after that how I walked until my destination. It was hilarious, far from a confident and chic attitude :))

Anyway, I am sure that for those that have a smaller height than me this dress will be perfect. And I`m a bit sorry about it because I really liked the color, texture and it`s shape :( 

I wish you a wonderful day loves,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: 
Dress: Here
Bag: Dasha
Sandals: Here
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bracelet: Pandora Essence Collection (Passion Charm that matches perectly my dress ♥)

6 August 2014

Summer Breeze

Hi loves ♥ Today I want to show you my super comfy outfit perfect and capable to face the summer heat. I loved this orange dress since I saw it at H&M but in fact I saw it too late and the only piece available was exposed in the window :( Sad, I know.
But you all know how much I love online shopping, Sheinside came with a solution: They had almost the same dress available on their website, the only difference being the texture, but the color and the shape is the same. And yes, this website is one of my favorites because they always bring new items, the quality of their products is good and the orders always were as I expected!!

Can`t wait to hear your impressions and also don`t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram 
Wish you a wonderful day,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: 
Dress: Sheinside,
Bag: Eponge, 
Bracelet: Here
Sandals: Here

5 August 2014

Pink Ballerina from the Swan Lake

Hi Loves!! I know, you may say: " Where have you even seen a pink ballerina? Swan Lake? Never..." But I will tell you a funny thing that my dad said yesterday: "You look like a Barbie doll dressed in a ballerina my dear today" and of course that my reaction was " Aww dad ".
It was awesome, but still you know that our parents will see us purfect no matter what, even if we are in pijamas with a messy bun on one of our worst days. Anyway, this is the beauty of having great parents or being one. This kind of love is perfect from my point of view: unconditioned, unlimited and always strong ♥

Anyway, let`s turn back to our staff before my tears starts falling :D Don`t worry, there is nothing wrong, I just love them so much ♥

About the outfit, well this pink thing again is something else as you may see in the pictures. Maybe some of you will see it as a dress and the ones that think is too short, well you`re right: in fact it is a blouse and I`m wearing shorts but the blouse lenght is somewhere in the middle: not too long nor too short. Is ok for me in fact, but I didn`t want to risk and create a scene without my approval :D And if in the first instance, my intention was to pick a pair of high heels, yesterday when the mail man came, the new package change my plans and I opted out for this laced slip-ons ♥ I just love them and they match perfect sport/casual outfits but also some casual/elegant ones.

I hope you like it and if there is something that you like, you`ll find all the details about the items I`m wearing and where is the case, a direct link to them

Have a nice day,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Blouse: Here
Necklace: Here
Slip ons: Here
Bag: Dasha

4 August 2014

Don`t forget to be a child from time to time ♥

This weekend I went with Donald Duck's wife in an amusement park and we remembered how great it was to be a child, how much fun we had and that we didn`t knew at that time what the words hard, problem, work means. 
But with all this, let's say, adult responsabilities, we can still bring at the surface the kid that stays in us. For example, sometimes I love to be spoiled for no reason, well actually there is a reason and is the fact that I'm a princess and a princess must be spoiled no matter what, right? :D Another example is that I have a few teddy bears and other animals and when I have to sleep alone, I ask them to come with me in bed so we can have a small chit-chat before sleeping :)) ( I thinj you know that talking with them was a joke, but still I put them all in my bed). And the examples can continue, love the cotton candy, to watch cartoons from time to time because they changet in time and now are different from what I was used to :)) and so on.

Now, I very curious if you still have some habbits that are not very suitable for our age, but you can`t get rid of them? And don`t be shy, this is a good thing sometimes because you`ll manage to keep your soul young and with all the problems and busy time that we have we will still find a reason to smile and be happy ♥

I hope you also like my outfit and I invite you on my Facebook and Instagram account for more updates
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: 
T-shirt: Here
Shorts: H&M
Bag: Dasha
Sandals: Here
Bracelet: Swarovski

3 August 2014

Sunday Mood

Hi loves  ♥ Here we are again at the end of another week but at the beginning of another month. Sometimes I feel like the time flies so fast that I can`t even realize. But it doesn`t even matter if we are happy and we take the most of it and also if we have the loved ones around us, right?
Lately I have to tell you that I`m happy, but like for no special reason. I feel like everything around me is great and that is a positive vibe in the air. And this feeling believe me, is the one that makes me be so productive, so in love, so happy. 

So yes, this time I`m zen and I enjoy it. 
I also hope you enjoy my latest outfit. Even if this cute little pink thing looks like a dress, well actually is nothing else than a jumpsuit, again and again :D But believe me that since my obsession began ( on early this spring) this one is by far the most comfy one and it can be match with a pair of heels as I did in this pictures or with a pair of flats to create a casual outfit. ♥ The rest of the details about it are available as usual at the bottom of the text and don`t forget to check my Facebook and Instagram Accounts for more real time updates!

Wish you all a wonderful Sunday and be prepared for a new week,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: Jumpsuit: Here, Sandals: Zara, Body Chain: Here, Bag: Dasha, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bracelets: Pandora Essence Collection and Summer Collection