1 September 2015

First of September? So what?!

I know is September already but I have promised you for a while that I will tell you my secret regarding the swimming benefits: beside the fact that you get in shape, you can also obtain the perfect and healthy tan even more that these days, the sun is not that strong as it was in the mid summer.

As you may know, I was a professional swimmer for 12 years. I don`t want to talk too much about it, but swimming was and it still is part of my life. And each summer, I obtained the perfect tan which usually kept until November or so. I have to admit that I was exposed to the sun at least 2 hours per day but it was not dangerous at all. 

So usually when I am going to the swimming pool I do the following things:
1. Get the smaller & simple swimsuit :)) you don`t want to look like a zebra or something. I usually have to 2 types of swimsuits. One like in the picture, let`s call it the classical one and another one with not straps, the so called balconette. I change them once in a while in order to eliminate the unaesthetic  marks. 

2. Always shower before you enter the swimming pool and stop using the sun cream or sun oils before entering the swimming pool. Is not healthy for you and for those around you. Even more is not ok if you are not really a good swimmer because if you need help, the people that may help you are not able to keep your hands on you because your skin is way to slippery. 

3. I know you`ll ask me how can you protect your skin if you don`t use the creams. Well the answer is simple. You`re not protecting it. When you swim, the water has the mirror effect and you`ll get the perfect tan, all over your body, uniformly. You won`t get burns, you`ll avoid the red skin aspect and you`re skin won`t be irritated. 

4. You should swim for at least an hour, without too many, long stops at each side of the swimming pool. After one h you`ll already see the skin tone difference :D

5. Last but not least, I will talk about what should be done after the training: First of all take a shower. The pools water usually contains chlorine and this is not really healthy for your skin and even more it makes it drier. After that, when the skin is still a bit wet, you have to apply the after sun cream. I usually use it because it is more beneficial and it hydrates my skin better than any other cream. 

Remember your skin is dry due to the chlorine and you have also been exposed to the sun light. Just for the fact that you did not got sunburned doesn`t mean that your skin is ok and as mentioned, in combination with the chlorine will make your skin even drier. 

Also, since it`s already September, the sun is not that powerful as it was in the mid summer. One more aspect that you should consider. So if there are any open swimming pools around you, now is the perfect moment to relax and train in the same moment, plus you get the bonus: The perfect tan :D

I might have forgot some details but remember take care of your skin and look gorgeous in the same time! Even more, I want to mention that this is my personal advice and that some things may differ from person to person.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I will share with you more pictures from the swimming pool tomorrow!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

30 August 2015

The last official day of summer ♥

Yes, indeed!! Today is the last day o summer and I decided to share with you the perfect outfit to celebrate once again a beautiful summer ♥ Like everyone else, I feel like it pasted too fast and that it should last longer but, let`s hope for sunny and hot days that will allow us to fell like we still enjoy the summer.

As I`ve told you, I will spend the day getting that summer tan that will last until late autumn. You can see also in these pictures how my skin changed it`s color from last week. Don`t judge, I`m not abusing it, I combine pleasure with the workout because every single time I am going to the swimming pool I also to a 2000m training. 

I hope that I can take some pictures at the pool and share with you my tips about swimming training, perfect tan and the benefits of both of them combined in a future post :D

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Jumpsuit: Here
Albertine`s for YVY Bags Pink Bag
Inia Lavin Fringe Boots
FREYRS Sunglasses

The day Before last day of summer

I really hope I`m not stressing you even more today, since this is the title of every single post on Facebook and Instagram. I mean, they still have it wrong because they call today the last day of summer, and we still have tomorrow which will be the official last day :D I know that for some of us is a working day, but I decided to work this weekend just to have the Monday free and enjoy it by the pool side. 

I`m not trying to making you jealous but we all decide what to do with our spare time :D If I will be able to take my photographer with me tomorrow, maybe I will share with you some pictures and tips about how you can learn how to swim and also important detail on how can you get the perfect tan :D. See, I decided to take the free Monday but I`m still thinking on work and what to do....

Anyway, for today I decided to pick a classic and sober outfit, to share with you the sadness that took over the city. Summer is the season when we do like to party the most, when we can spend the days by the pool, when people usually enjoy their holidays most and also my birthday season. Ok, ok...Is not everything just about me, but I felt the need to say something silly.

So, how do you spend your last summer weekend? 
Wish you all a wonderful day loves
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Double Breasted Tuxedo Dress: Here
Marc Jacobs Glitter Oxfords Here
FREYRS Sunglasses Here
Watch: Guess
Bag: Similar Here

28 August 2015

Bucharest Falls

Here I am again with a late night post :D I couldn`t wait until tomorrow to share my outfit of the day because I just love the place where I took the pictures. I know this street for a long time and  I have to tell you that there is a very talented girl that from once in a while she change the aspect of the stairs. As you can see, she is in the background of my pictures because she still works on this falls...We can call them the Bucharest falls, right? :D 

Also about the outfit there is not much to say, just that is simple and casual, perfect for the weather in Bucharest. What is worth mentioning are the sunglasses. If you have seen, yesterday I received 4 wonderful pairs of sunglasses and at the moment I can`t even decide which one I love the most and the selection made on FREYRS website was extremely hard because they have so many pairs at super prices. I hardly recommend you to visit it and tell me which one is your favorite :D

I will leave you now because I know you`re not really in the mood for nigh reading since it`s Friday night but I hope that the outfit can inspire you for you daily weekend outfits. As usual, you can find all the details about my outfit in the I was wearing section below.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
White shirt: Zara
Shots: Zara
Bag: Similar Here
Freyrs Sunglasses Here
Jessica Buurman Sandals Here
Denim Jacket: Here

27 August 2015

Last days of summer had came.. Sad Face :(

Hello again loves :D As you can see, I`m doing my best to post as much as I... and you want. Don`t get me wrong, for me is work mixed with pleasure so is not that bad. But I recently heard that blogging is not like you work and the only thing we do is pictures.... I mean, yes we take pictures but this is just a small part of blogging. You can include here online shopping, free gifts, travels fashion shows... only glitter and sparkles :)) 

Please find the irony in my phrase :D It is all about this, but much more... You think is fun to take pictures and is great to go to events right? Well try and take pictures and not only for facebook and instagram daily and answer me what do you think after that :D P.S.: When doing pictures I remind you that you have to do it at a specific hour because is the perfect sunlight :))) 

Also remind yourself to keep deadlines, to answer the emails and to remember everything you have talked and promised to everybody otherwise you`ll be seen as untrustworthy. Believe me, I also forgot about different things but still I use my notebook and write down everything with highlights, hearts and unicorns :)). I know... Old School, but for me the phone notes don`t work :)) 

I will end up with this and please consider it as a piece of advice, being for all the girls that asked me how to start a blog. The start is always easy but you have to know how it will be when you`ll truly start blogging. Don`t get me wrong, but many people had started a blog, but soon enough they also end it.

Regarding the outfit, well you can fell it, is in the air... Yes, I`m talking about the autumn, cold air, together with the migratory birds. But we still have time to enjoy the weather and as I just saw a funny pictures of two cats, I have to tell you that I`m off to the swimming pool. A new training together with some tan because I have to make the most of it since September is so close :))

I hope you can be inspired by the new outfit and also by the blogging suggestions.
Wish you all a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella  ♥

I was wearing:
Sunglasses: Similar Here
Shorts: Here
Versace for H&M Sandals
Marc Jacobs Watch
Shirt: H&M
Bag: Similar Here

26 August 2015

No heels for today

I had prepared this pictures for a few days now and I have to tell you that the text was also another one. You might understand my situation since, each and every day we have a different mood and we also have other things that inspire us.

I had read on another Romanian blog, the "thing with the high heels". I have to admit that those things written there were so true. I mean, I love heels too and I have... I don`t know their number anymore, but let`s say a lot of pairs. But it comes a time, when you can switch to flats without thinking twice. 

Is the fact that when your feet hurt, your face is not that confident anymore and the pain is seen in your eyes, no matter how much you fake a smile. Your body language says the same thing as the face and your sex appeal is gone.  

This comes from a girl (me :D) that for some years was force to wear high heels somewhere between 8-10h per day. And after each and every day of wearing heels, when I finally managed to get off the heels and changed them with something more comfortable...well that was the true release. 

We also look great on flats and with the right attitude as the other blogger said, you`ll be more attractive and you`ll enjoy more the pleasures of life :)) This is too deep, but you got the point.

If you think that is worthy to have a problem with feeling your foot fingers and to have a great pain because as it was in my case, I was stubborn enough to wear the heels until I got home after a long day... well go ahead. But it will be extremely uncomfortable. 

The last thing, I just want to clarify everything here. I`m not saying: Stop wearing heels. I`m just saying that for the sake of your feet and for a beautiful aspect, we should, from time to time to switch the heels with some comfortable but still gorgeous pair of flats.

I hope that you`ll consider my advice and I hope it will be useful. Meanwhile, here is the outfit I wore last weekend when I went to see the Southpow movie ♥ It was great, have you seen it?

Wish you all a wonderful week because right now I have to go to the swimming pool :D Kind of missed it!!
Kisses, Manuella  ♥

I was wearing:
Cape Blazer: Here
Shorts: Here
Jessica Buurman Shoes: Here
Michael Kors Selma Medium Bag from Shopbop
Zara T-Shirt from Kurtmann

Pictures by: Adrian D. Photography

25 August 2015

Long Black Dress by the Lake

Good morning Loves! It seems that this week will get back on the normal track, so I`m glad to post for you a new summer outfit. Since last week it was constantly raining cats and dogs, I wasn`t able to do much and to post as I wanted. 
I`m also thinking how "great" it will be when the autumn will take its place at the appropriate time... Don`t get me wrong, I like the cold weather too, but the rain and the snow for me are quite hard to be understood and liked.

Meanwhile here is my latest beloved long dress. I have it for a while now, but due to the changes in weather it was extremely hard for me to wear it: first, it was to hot outside for a long and black dress and second, when outside are 16 degrees, you think that a long dress can look nice with some biker boots and leather jacket... but when it`s raining, you can only think that the long dress will get wet, dirty and it will be...extremely unpleasant and unaesthetic. 

As you can see I kept it simple and I also have to confess that after a while, my hair is able to stay as it stayed once. I mean, I`m extremely satisfied with my curls :))) But maybe I will make a tutorial and explain you how to obtain them and also share with you my hair story from the past year.

I hope you like it and wish you all a sunny day :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Dress: Here
Bag: Old
Wood Bracelets: Local Market

21 August 2015

How and where you can enjoy safe online shopping :D

Hy loves! Since the weather is keeping me at home with no possibility to take some new outfit pictures, I decided to share with you more details and loved website from which I frequently order.
I know that you`ve been waiting for this kind of post for a while due to all your questions and I really hope that you can understand my frustration because I have to answer the same questions over and over...and over again :)) So here will come a list of websites and some necessary details about each of it.

If there are any other question please ask me and I will complete this post in order to provide as much and as qualitative info as possible :D

Thank you and wish you a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

P.S.: Click on the name of each website to be directed to it :D

20 August 2015

Mixing details and accessories

Good morning loves! 
Today, I`m extremely intrigue. What is wrong with this weather?! I mean we still have 10 official days of summer and the Autumn decided to make it`s introduction now? Beside the fact that I still have so many new items that were never worn... I have to change the wardrobe soon. This is the most difficult process if you ask me. To change the places between the summer items and the autumn/winter ones. 

Lucky me, had thought to order some "fall-ish" items recently and earlier this week they arrived. I mean almost my entire outfit. And since I just washed them they were just in front of my face today when I wanted to go out and panic because I don`t see any autumn item.

I don`t know why, but I am sure that I am not the only one that confronted the availability of the clothes these days. But I bet that we all face the weather changes ♥

One more reason to have this weather is the fact that I have to get used with the light and find again the perfect settings for my camera :( So, I have to apologize for these not so qualitative pictures this time. If you wonder... my jeans were khaki... yes indeed, khaki!! I decided to go for a safari/army/casual outfit. You know, it was like the instant coffee: 3 in 1. 

I hope you enjoy it and I will prepare some new wonderful posts... more creative since the weather is keeping me home :(

Wish you a wondeful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
T-shirt & Jeans: Zara from Kurtmann
Animal Print Scarf: Bershka from Kurtmann
Boots: Here
Bag: Cupcake from LaPallete
Watch: Guess
Hat: Old

19 August 2015

Smart Investments

Lately I have a revelation: There is not worthy investing in everything!!! And this, believe me is such a word of advice.

And by investing I mean spending large amounts of money on expensive items... any kind of items. My decision was to invest in accessories more than in everything else because by picking them correctly and wisely, they will have a long lasting life and the investment will be worthy. So, I decided to start with bags and shoes ♥ Oh, yes, two of my biggest crushes. But picking the classics, they will never get out of the trend. 

I know that you might say that the colors might not, but the shapes will. Indeed, but still, I don`t think that you want to invest on cheap items that usually when it comes to shoes and bags the cost is reflected also on their quality and they will break after 2-3 times. So the CLASSICS will always be the best option.

And what can you ask more, if they are also on SALE!?!?!?! This time brands like: Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, DKNY and many others are sold at 20% off HERE. You have to know that this sale will last until August 20th 4AM U.S. Eastern Time (New York).

If you want to enjoy the 20% off you have to check first for the promo code that will is available HERE and enter it on before you finalize the shopping!!! Hurry up because it will last until  August 20th 4AM U.S. Eastern Time (New York)

For example my favorite Michael Kors bag will enjoy a $60 discount by using this promo code. I think that is best buy and extreme attractive. I should  go and search for another favorite :D

Enjoy shopping!!
Kisses, Manuella ♥